Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My thoughts ......

Well its been an era I didn’t turn up to put anything on my blog and finally I got some time from my “Not-so-busy“ schedule and as the owner of this blog I reserve the rights to write anything here so if you have enough time to waste, then you can read this crap.
Well this time again I would try to incline my post towards some philosophy which is part of my weird imagination. Day before yesterday I watched a movie called “DASVIDANIYA” in which apna hero Vinay pathak was supposed to die because of stomach cancer, so he decides to make a “Things to do list “ or you can say he decides his priorities in life. I liked the movie very much and I have also decided to set my priorities but don’t worry folks I am not gonna die so soon, but still one should have his/her priorities in life.

Well I have decided that happiness is my first and last priority now. I have decided to be happy in all circumstances and in every footing. Also I have realized that if u really want to be happy then work for happiness of all beings, your friends, family, relatives.

If you will follow the path of happiness you wouldn’t find any enemy because I firmly believe that road of happiness starts from the point where road of hatred ends.

Now I have decided that I will express myself with truth, authenticity and transparency. I will try to judge myself and will stop judging others. Also I will try to forgive the mistake of others regardless of the harm that mistake made to me.

Now I will accept the entire responsibility for my life on my own and will try to put barricade to the causes that sprout up misfortunes in my life and I will try to release my mind and inner self from all the harmful beliefs. I will try to nurture the positive attitude and salutary emotions and will abolish all severing emotions. I will try to laugh at my mistakes and misadventures.

Now my priority is to live the present moment with my heart welcoming all the happiness and love. I will interact with everybody with kindness and generosity.

I will be grateful to god, my parents, my friends and everybody for giving me this wonderful life and auspicious moments. I will try to change my life and world around me into a delightful, blissful and peaceful creation.

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